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better late than pregnant

better late than pregnant

poppy // 17 // UK
grace helbig ♥♥♥

I sorta came out to my one of my best friends tonight despite the amount i sobbed on my own in my bed it went surprisingly well and she was really cool so I am happy and all that jazz

Ok I don’t know what’s happening on here rn but I haven’t been on tumblr in forever and I’m thinking about abandoning it completely bc people are so childish it blows my mind like seriously ur going to talk shit about grace on here??! U are welcome to ur opinion sure but if u have nothing nice to say then don’t bother bc u know fully well what will happen. Grace is doing life really well and is being a cool grown up but still producing quality material for us so please just be nice to each other and be nice to Grace. lol.

I'm so proud of my friend for all that she's done, we've been best friends since the very start of this in 2009…”

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Anonymous asked: hi, you have a nice face, ok


Ahhh thankyou so do u xxx


Fun fact: I Knew You Were Trouble by Taylor Swift was actually about Ellen DeGenerous 


and now I’m lying on the cold hard ground. 

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